Tours and Treks around Jinghong..
1 day or 2 day

The tours listed below are just some suggestions. Guides can tailor make any tour to suit your personal requirements and Duliguides will introduce you to a suitable guide.

Ganlanba Tour - 1 day

  Picture of Ganlanba market

Leave Jinghong using local transport or a private car. Explore the small Dai town, Ganlanba (Menghan) and its temple, then visit the morning market. After you'll take the ferry across the river. A short drive or a 30min walk to a small Dai village and visit a Dai family and see their home. On the way we'll see a rubber tree and banna plantations.

Then you'll return to Ganlanba for lunch. After your refreshed you'll visit the Dai Garden Park. Here you'll see a Dai dancing show and get an insight into the Dai 'Water Splashing Festival'. Return to Jinghong.


  Xiding Thursday Market Tour - 1 day  

Leave Jinghong early morning, in a rented car, and drive Xiding to experience the bustling village market. Here you'll see different minority people including Bulang, Dai, Hani, many of whom are dressed in their traditional clothing, selling their produces. It's also a good opportunity to buy local handicrafts.

After lunch you'll visit the 900 year old 'Jingzhen Octagonal Pagoda'. Then you'll journey back to Jinghong, on the way we'll visit a Hani village.


Menghun Sunday Market Tour - 1 day
  Ake minority at the Menghun market
Similar to the above however on this tour you'll visit a Bulang village. There also tends to be a larger mix of minority people. Apart from the Bulang, Dai and Hani people you will also see Ake, Wa and Lahu people. We'll also visit a tea plantation and you can try your hand at picking some tea. If there's enough time we'll visit another village, either Dai or Hani.

Cycling around Jinghong - 1 day
  Cycling tours around Jinghong
Another option to visiting traditional villages is to hire a bicycle and visit the villages on the outskirts of Jinghong. Near the capital of Xishuangbanna the villages are mainly 'Dai'. You can venture out by ourselves or hire a guide, who'll take you to these villages and show you interesting places along the way. i.e. Temples, Banna and Rubber plantations. These trips can last as long as you like, 1hr, 2hrs etc.

Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden Tour - 1 day
  Picture from Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden

For those of you who are interested in flora or would just like to spend a day in a beautifully manicured tropical garden, the Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden is a must see.

This garden is not just for 'eye candy', it has an extensive research program, studying tropical plants and is visited by academics from all over the world. Many of the 4000 species of plant here are unique to the Xishuangbanna region.

For more information please click here.


Mandian Waterfall Tour - 1 day
  Picture from Mandian Waterfall

Situated in the Nabanhe Nature Reserve, 30km NW from Jingong is a Dai village called 'Mandian'. From here its an easy 1 hour trek through the forest to the waterfall. It's a very rewarding trip offering great views of the forest and a swim at the end. Then a 1 hour trek back for food. There's a resturant in Mandian.

You can get to Mandian by a hard cycle ride or bus. The best option is to get a group together and hire your own taxi.



Nannuo Shan Tea Forest - 1 day
  Picture from Nannuo Shan

Nannuo Shan is home to one of the few remaining tea forests left in the world. The local Hani people grow the famous 'Pu'er' tea in harmony with the surrounding forest.

At an elavation of 5,200m it's home to some of the oldest and largest tea plants. The oldest, 'The King of the Tea Trees', is estimated to be over 800 years old.

The village also has a 'Hani' Cultural center which sells their crafts. You can, of course, also buy tea here. Easily reached by bus it's a nice day trip.



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