Xishuangbanna-Xiding & Menghun


Introduction to Xiding and Menghun...



Hani minority riding in a tractorBoth Xiding and Menghun are generally quiet 6 days a week. But once a week, Xiding - Thursday & Menghun - Sunday, they become bustling centers of trade for the locals from the surrounding villages who come here to sell goods. It's also a social time for the people to meet old friends and swap stories.

The people from these minority villages are a mix of Bulang, Dai, Hani, Ake, Wa and Lahu. Each of them still wearing their traditional clothes adds colour to these vibrant markets.

It's also a good opportunity to buy local handicrafts which will be more expensive in the cities.


The markets start to come alive around 7.00am and continue on until noon. We would recommend an overnight stay before market-day so you can take in the full experience from start to finish. There are several guesthouses in Menghun for around Y40, in Xiding you can stay at the small guesthouse at the bus station, Y20.


Be careful when taking photographs of people, always ask first but you should resist giving money. Buy some of their products instead.

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