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Picture of Menglun Botanical Garden, XishuangbannaLocated in the Mengla county in the town Menglun, this botanical garden was established in 1959 by the renowned chinese botanist Prof. Cai Xitao. It covers over 900 hectares and has a collection of over 4000 species of tropical plants, some of which are considered endangered. It's the largest tropical botanical garden in China.

Sometimes called 'The Green Gem on the Crown of the Kingdom of Plants', it's rated a 4A national scenic area and attracts thousands of visitors each year from home and abroad, from scholars, students to general tourists.

The east side of the garden is used for scientific studies, the west side is the main tourist area. Here you'll find interesting and beautiful specimens such as the 'King Lotus', an aquatic plant with a floating leaf capable of support up to 20kg. The fast growing 'Anthocephalus', each year this tree increases it's ring growth by an inch and a half, faster than any pine tree.

The garden also hosts one of the most poisonous plants in the world, the 'Upas Tree' or 'Tree of Death'. If the sap of the tree enters the blood stream, through a cut for example, it's said that the victim will only be able to make nine steps before they die.

The gardens can be visited as a day trip from Jinghong or as a stop off for those traveling either south from Jinghong or north from Laos. The gardens and the town of Menglun both have accommodation if desired.

Open from 7am to midnight; Y60 (Student discounts are available).


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