Introduction to Ganlanba (Menghan)...


dai_house_near_GanlanbaGanlanba is a sleepy town which only really comes alive in the late afternoon when the heat of the day has subsided. After which the locals go out to socialise, eat and drink.

There are plenty of examples of 'Dai' architecture in the town. Just walk down any of the side streets. As the people become more wealthy, because these houses only really have a life span of approx. 40 years, they are slowly being upgraded. This means bricks walls, although the minority people still keep the original roof style which seems to help keep the houses cool and their better on the eye.

dai_girls_at_the_dai_minority_parkAnother reason to visit Ganlanba is the part of the town which has been cordoned off to become the 'Dai Minority Park'. Here you can see 'Dai' shows of music and dance or, twice a day, you can get a taste of the 'Water Splashing Festival' or just wander around the park and enjoy the 'Dai' architecture and the beautifully dress 'Dai' people.

It's also possible to stay with a family in the park (Y20). Your ticket will still be valid for the next day. If you don't wish to stay inside the park then there a few hotels in town which offer rooms for Y40/Y60.

dai_house_near_ganlanbaIf you came by bus but would like to explore the area on bike, there are several bike shops in town. A days rental is Y25. We would suggest catching the ferry, south of the town, across the Lancang (Mekong) river (Y2), after you disembark, go up the short hill and turn left. There's plenty of small Dai villages in this direction.

As for eating, there are plenty of Dai barbecues in the evening, in the day time we recommend the 'Sarlar Restaurant'. They have an english menu and the 'roast pork' is great.

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