Clubs and Bars in Jinghong..
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When visiting these places it's normal practice to obtain a table and then order your beers. They are sold in quantities of 12 or 1 'da'. They are rarely chilled but you will be given a bucket of ice, also they may give you some fruit or some other snack which is included in the price of the beer.

Good Chance Disco/KTV.
Traditional Chinese discotheque, loud techno music, bright lights. Get yourself a table and a few 'da's' of beers (Served warm with ice) and dance like mad with the local nightcats.

Yes Disco/KTV.
Same as above, they both have dances floors and podiums for paid and unpaid dancers. Both have a friendly lively atmosphere. All are open until the early hours.

New Yes Disco/KTV
Probably the most popular late night spot. It has two nightclubs (One on the forth floor) aswell as KTV. Offers the same services as the above but newer.

Top One Disco.
More of a music lounge bar than a discotheque. No dance floor but cosy booths and easier on the ears. They also offer a variety of drinks. Not just beer.

Passion Club.
An alternative from the above is this bar. Not as flash as the rest but it does offer cheaper beers and they have in house dancers who perform around a pole. The music also differs here.

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