Tours and Treks around Jinghong..
1 day or 2 day
The tours listed below are just some suggestions. Guides can tailor make any tour to suit your personal requirements. Duliguides will introduce you to a suitable guide.

Minority Village Tour - 2 days (with car)

Picture of a lake near MenghaiDay 1 - Leaving Jinghong in the morning to travel 1hr to the town of Menghai, where we'll visit the market. The market attracts some of the different minorities from the surrounding villages. Mainly 'Dai' and 'Hani' After here we'll drive 30 min's to the 300 yr old 'Octagonal Pavilion'.

Then we travel 40 min's to a large lake in the countryside where we'll have lunch. Then onto explore 'Dai' and 'Wa' villages. After here we travel 30 min's to experience living in a Bulang village. You'll eat the local foods and stay with a family.

Living conditions here are fairly basic, so be prepared for cold washes and pigs following you to the toilet. It's very natural here but great experience. Enjoy the peacefulness of the surrounding area, visit the monk's in the temple, meet the friendly villagers.

Day 2 - Wake up early for a local breakfast. Then we'll head off on a 20 min drive to visit another minority village, this time it's the 'Lahu' people, their houses differ from the 'Dai' and 'Bulang' style. We'll then travel 40 mins to see a 'Pu'er' tea plantation. 'Pu'er' tea is a very important crop and famous in China and abroad. If you wish to purchase some tea your guide can organise this for you from one of the villages. Better prices than the towns but unpackaged. We'll have lunch in Menghun before heading back to Jinghong. On the journey home we'll visit another minority village belonging to the 'Hani' people.


Minority Village Tour - 2 days (with local transport)

Although hiring a car has it's own advantages i.e. flexibility, traveling using local transport often provides you with a all round better experience and it's cheaper. Following a similar route as the above tour but including a walk on the second day.

bulang_house_near_MenghaiDay 1 - Travel from JInghong to Menghai on an early bus (1hr) to visit the morning market, as mentioned above, mainly 'Dai' and 'Hani' people come here, sometimes you may see 'Bulang' or 'Lahu'. After here we take another bus to the 'Octagonal Pavilion' in Jingzhen. Then we'll head into the countryside using whatever transport we can find. Sometimes a motorcycle but often it's a tractor. There are no public buses to the villages we'll visit. It takes approx. 1 hr to the first Dai village.

We'll explore the village and then walk around the nearby lake which still has old forest around it's banks, many locals can be seen working here (not available in the rainy season). During the rainy season we'll visit a 'Wa' village instead. We'll then travel to the village where we will have dinner, enjoy some of the local 'Baijiu' and meet some of the family's in the village.

Day 2 - After breakfast we begin our 15km walk to Menghun. It's a fairly easy walk with a few uphill climbs but it's mainly downhill all the way to the town. On the way we'll walk through 'Pu'er' tea plantations, rice fields and old bamboo forests. It's a peaceful and relaxing walk. We'll also visit 3 'Lahu' villages on the way. Once we reach Menghun we'll visit the local market and explore this small town. After lunch we head back towards Jinghong.





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