Attractions in Xishuangbanna..


Xishuangbanna itself is the main attraction. This sub-tropical region is a wonder for travelers to explore. Visiting various villages of different ethnic groups, who still live in a very traditional way and are very welcoming to travelers.

Here's a list of some of the highlights..

The Dai New Year Festival (Water Splashing Festival) - Xishuangbanna.

Dai lady releasing a candle flost down the Lancang River


Every year on April 13th/15th the city of Jinghong, the capital city of Xishuangbanna, and neighboring villages celebrate the coming of the Dai New Year. Commonly known as the ‘Water Splashing Festival’ or the ‘Festival for Bathing the Buddha’, it’s the most important festival for the Dai people. (more)


Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Valley - North of Jinghong.

Elephant in the Sanchahe reserveSituated some 47km north of Jinghong, the Mengyang nature reserve is home to Xishuangbanna’s native wild Asian elephants, it's the last remaining refuge of wild elephants in the whole of China. The valley of the Sancha river and the hills to the west and east are covered in dense tropical rain forest and are well watered by numerous streams. (more)

Tropical Botanical Garden - Menglun.

Picture of Menglun Botanical Garden


Located in the Mengla county close to the town Menglun, this botanical garden was established in 1959 by the renowned chinese botanist Prof. Cai Xitao. It covers over 900 hectares and has a collection of over 4000 species of tropical plants, some of which are considered endangered. (more)



Xiding and Menghun Markets - near Menghai.


Picture of a vendor at the market in Xiding

Another highlight of this area are the busy markets in the small towns. Xiding (Thursday) and Menghun (Sunday) are two of the best to head for. It's where the local villagers from different minorities gather to sell their various yields of fruit, vegetables and meat, as well as local handicrafts. (more)




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