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Introduction to DuliGuides..

Welcome to DuliGuides.. This site has been set-up to help you get great deals on tours and treks. By contacting us we will put you in direct contact with a guide cutting out the middlemen.

The guides can take you on tours or treks around Xishuangbanna to places such as the splendid Menglun Tropical Gardens to see exotic plants unique to this area, visit the melting pot of different minorities at the Xiding or the Menghun Markets, a walk through the forest at Sanchahe Nature Reserve or an easy trek to the Mandian Waterfall for a swim. etc.

For those of you who would like to see the surrounding countryside and stay in minority villages, the guides can lead on treks for as many days as you like. Eating and sleeping at various minority villages including Dai, Bulang, Hani, Wa and Lahu minorities.

DuliGuides will also try and answer any questions you may have with regards to traveling through Yunnan.

National Parks in Kenya - amboseli day trip

Appointment at the airport 3 hours before departure for boarding formalities, amboseli day trip. Departure on the flight to Nairobi, via the city of stopover. Night and meals on board.

National Parks in Kenya

Through the Grand Rift Valley

Arrival in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, whose original name, Enkare Nairobi, means “Icy Waters” in the Masai language. Waiting for you, you will find our welcoming local who will welcome you and start you on this adventure through Africa.
With no time to waste, we cross the city and follow the asphalt road towards Lake Naivasha or Lake Nakuro (depending on the option selected). On the way there will be time for a stop at a viewpoint to observe the Great Rift Valley, a geological phenomenon that occurred 35 million years ago and whi gave rise to the comex system of African rivers and lakes, thus enabling an incredible spectacle of nature that you will witness..
Arrival at the accommodation and lun.
In the afternoon, departure for the first safari, carried out on the shores of the lake.

Lake Naivasha Option
Naivasha is the largest lake in Kenya. Located in an elevated area, 1884 m above sea level, it is home to hundreds of animals su as hippos, more than 400 species of birds, wildebeest and antelope that inhabit its small islets. A easant boat trip will allow you to get closer to the local fauna and facilitate bird wating.


Introduction to Xishuangbanna

picture of a buddist monk in xishuangbannaXishuangbanna (or Sipsongpanna, the name given to this region by the native Thai or Dai people which literally means 12,000 rice fields) is located in the south of the Yunnan Province, China, sharing its borders with the countries Laos and Myanmar.

This Dai Minority People’s Autonomous Prefecture covers an area of approximately 19,700 sq. km and is home to a cultural mix of 994,000 people,  about 30% are Dai, 29% are Han and the rest is a mixture of ethnic minorities such as Hani, Bulang, Lahu, Jinuo, Yi, Wa, Bai and Yao people. They all have their own customs which makes Xishuangbanna a very colourful and interesting place to visit. It's also home for some of the best festivals in China including the Dai New Year Festival (Water Splashing Festival).

Picture of Hani minority girls from XishuangbannaXishuangbanna is also still blessed with 2,400 sq. km of tropical rainforest which contains 18% of China’s flora species and 20% of its fauna species despite the fact that its land area comprises only 0.2% of the total land of China, making it the most bio diverse region in China, giving this region the title of ‘the Tropical Kingdom’.

The region has a wet and a dry season. The wet season is between May and October; the dry is between September to April. Temperatures range between 11 - 33 degrees.



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