Handwriting and character, spelling of the lowercase letter P and vowels O, A

  1. Writing vowels A and O
  2. Writing the letter P

Not so long ago, we analyzed capital letters in handwriting , but there are no trifles in graphology, it is necessary to pay attention to the peculiarities of writing lowercase letters . First of all, those that have all sorts of loops, hooks and curls. You should look at letters such as D, T, I, B, R, B, U, C, U, I in Cyrillic, and S, D, Y, T, L in Latin.

Writing vowels A and O

Writing vowels A and O

Although you can not ignore the spelling of other letters.

For example, in vowels, A or O, the completion of a rounding is important. Restrained and secretive people who do not allow anyone into their world, most often close these letters very clearly, if we have handwriting sample where "a" and "o" end in a curl, then the person who wrote in this way is focused. A lot of things are subject to him, thanks to his strength of will and perseverance, he is not scattered over trifles, he goes straight to his goal.
The letter is slightly open at the top , this indicates openness and good nature. Communicating with these people is a real gift for others, as they are also peace-loving, trustful, inclined to empathy, capable of deep affection. The question is born, so what's the catch? Ideal people do not have or have?

Letters that are wide open from above are observed in people who are outspoken, which is remarkable, this frankness falls on others, because the owners of such handwriting are very talkative.

About the open letters below , found in people insincere hypocritical and arrogant. They are not afraid of anything. Perhaps that is why most of the writers are so scammers. Some graphologists argue that a trait is a sign criminal handwriting.

There are people who manage to keep the letters open from the side . It is difficult to communicate with similar people. It begins to seem that they are deprived of some kind of tact. They are also unreasonable. A lovely combination, isn't it?

A lovely combination, isn't it

Occasionally there is an unusual spelling of our researched vowels counterclockwise. The combination of letters among themselves in such cases look extravagant, and often clumsy. This is again one of the features of the criminal's handwriting.

Writing the letter P

We turn to the letter R. It symbolizes the way in which a person goes through life.

Agree, despite the external simplicity, the letter contains only two elements (an oblique stroke and a tick, the appendix with a hook or oval is also possible), there are quite a few possibilities to write the letter P. Everything is important here. How long is the process of this letter or is it a loop? Length, width, where is it turned? It is necessary to answer this set of questions regarding the image of the oblique stroke and the oval of the check mark adjacent to it.

The oblique line at the letter P is much larger than the lowercase letters, this indicates that the path of struggle in life is most important for a person. Eternal battle, peace only dreams him. A man is determined and persistent, he knows what he wants and for him it is no secret which way to go to this. He also knows how to defend his views in disputes with others.

The length of the oblique line is excessive simply in a demonstrative manner; a person who writes in this way positions himself as very persistent. However, this is only an illusion. In real affairs fighting qualities we will not see. What is remarkable, such people, to all other things, are pathologically afraid of responsibility, admitting guilt or mistake is not about them. Guilty they will appoint from their surroundings.

On the contrary, a short oblique stroke of P is evidence of pessimism. Such people are like snails and turtles, they hide from the outside world and people. They are clamped and depressed . Freudians argue that such behavior is complex, originated in deep childhood . It appeared due to the excessive activity of close people, often parents .

Noteworthy is the next spelling of the letter P.

Noteworthy is the next spelling of the letter P

Instead of a single line, two are drawn at a sharp angle (see picture). Writing is peculiar to people who are able to instantly respond to a changed situation. Throw in the pool with his head - their frequent trait. The solution is, there is no time to think for a long time. Such writing can be found in the handwritings of many famous people, such as Lenin, Pushkin.

Sometimes the line P is nervous , it can be bent. People whose handwriting is peculiar to this feature are impulsive. And you should not expect special determination, honesty and openness from them, they are not capable of that. Perhaps they are disturbed by unpleasant memories resentment It did not work once, it will never work out. Or maybe they don’t even know what exactly they want.

Now let us dwell on the variant of writing the letter P, when there is an element of a loop in the oblique stroke , in such cases it is necessary to analyze the design of the loop and the upper part of the letter.

The loop is narrow , which means that we are a cautious person who is prone to rechecking everything many times.

If the loop is long , then the person is not inclined to candor. All his actions and emotions are subject to strict control. He does not allow himself to relax anywhere and with whom.

The loop is long , it runs up to the bottom line, alas, you shouldn’t trust the owner of such a handwriting of serious cases, it is too inconstant, the focus of its attention is constantly dispersed. In addition, logical thinking is not his strong point.

The wide and long loop of the letter is characteristic of a materialist seeking to satisfy all his needs.

The loop is too wide . Such an individual is full of gurgling emotions, the whole life for him is the theater, the main actor of which, of course, he.

If the loop is short and poorly developed, we see a realist standing firmly on his feet. And therefore, for them the dictum “brevity is the sister of talent” is peculiar to more than anyone else. These skills these people own as universally. They are concise, always and everywhere. True, it also allows them not to devote others to their plans.

If the end of the loop is pointed, this is characteristic handwriting feature a true leader, resolutely and persistently moving forward, though it is difficult not to accumulate negative along the way. Feelings gnaw him, whether anger or resentment, and there is nothing surprising if such a person is in leadership positions, then his subordinates will not be good.

The loop as such is absent , there is only a hint at it, in front of us is a man slowly walking forward. His past is constantly reminded of himself. If, yes, if only ... He constantly reflects, not paying attention to today, he will think about him tomorrow.

In the lower part of the P loops, curls, hooks. Owners of such letters have something to hide, otherwise why should they be extra careful in communicating with others. On the other hand, they are overly proud, and do not open up to anyone. They should look in the eyes of others. flawlessly .

Less often, a loop is formed in the upper part of the oblique stroke a , the presence of such a stroke is a sign of traditional thinking, which nevertheless is combined with a great self-conceit.

Marina Kucher

The question is born, so what's the catch?
Ideal people do not have or have?
A lovely combination, isn't it?
How long is the process of this letter or is it a loop?
Length, width, where is it turned?