Drug ASD for the treatment of cancer and its creator Dorogov A.V.

  1. History of the creation of the drug ASD.
  2. The dramatic fate of the drug ASD and its creator.
  3. Salvation of the drug ASD.
  4. Manufacturing technology of the drug ASD.
  5. What fractions of the SDA are currently available.
  6. Who produces ASD.
  7. Results

Hello, friends

Hello, friends! Today's topic: The drug ASD for cancer treatment and its creator A.V. The roads, which by their discovery helped people to cure even those diseases which official medicine recognized as incurable, such as cancer, any tumors, vascular, endocrine diseases, depression and much more.

And now traditional healers use the drug ASD for the treatment of cancer together with poisons, for example, fly agaric hemlock and others, while noting that the ASD greatly increases the positive effect of healing.

ASD stands for Antiseptic Dorogov's Stimulator, its healing effect for humans is based on the principle of restoring the immune system, although its effect has not yet been fully resolved. ASD is far superior in performance to other immune stimulants.

In ancient times, people owned the secret of healing living and dead water, but this secret was lost in the depths of thousands of years due to the tragic events in the life of mankind. Only the tales of living and dead water and the wonders of healing remain. And there were still echoes of ancient knowledge in the arsenal of wizards and sorcerers who prepare medicinal drugs from the legs of frogs, scorpions and other creatures. And in the 13th and 15th centuries, the war and the Inquisition destroyed this ancient knowledge.

History of the creation of the drug ASD.

After the Americans bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs on August 9, 1945, the world learned that the atomic bomb carries a deadly radiation sickness to humanity.

The Soviet government has set a task for scientists to create a drug to protect humans and animals from the effects of radiation.
The task was given to several research institutes, but success came to the All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine. (VIEV), where he worked A.V. Roads.

The Russian bogatyr, Great Rus - scientist Alexey Dorogov Dorogov, in the laboratory, VIEW began developing a drug that resists radiation sickness, and with his powerful intuition, hard work, perseverance, courage in 1947 created the drug SDA (Antiseptic Dorogov Stimulator), gave acceptable technology of its manufacture and full right called him his name.

By 1952, during the tests, the ASD drug showed such a good performance that sick people waited for days in a queue at the laboratory of Alexei Vlasovich Dorogov to receive it. The archive of Dorogov contains hundreds of letters of thanks from patients who have healed from intractable illnesses, for example, from tuberculosis, asthma, cardiovascular, nervous, oncological diseases. The drug ASD Alexei Vlasovich Dorogov people considered the elixir of life.

There is information that Dorogov A.V. cured Beria's mother of cancer — the formidable assistant of Stalin.
So at this moment A.V. Dorogov became the Stalin Prize laureate, professor, and his drug, the SDA, was approved on March 17, 1951 by the Pharmacological Committee of the USSR Ministry of Health for use in medical practice.

The dramatic fate of the drug ASD and its creator.

But the brighter the glory star of Alexei Vlasovich Dorogov rose, the more gloomy became the officials, including from medicine. They envied Dorogov, they were afraid of Dorogov. The direction of his activity was not in line with the then generally accepted research.

The question arose that the drug can be replaced by other drugs, many doctors will not find a use.

Therefore, the drug ASD was approved only as a veterinary medicine for animals. This provision exists to the present.

For animals, the drug ASD is miraculous: it cures them of the widest range of diseases. Meat products treated animals are suitable for use in food without restrictions.

Another explanation for the silence of the drug ASD:

A.V. Dorogov created such a powerful medicine ASD F-2 and ASD F-3 that it was possible to stop the production of 75 -90% of the existing drugs at that time.

A.V. Dorogov offered to the Minister of Health in 1953 to train all interested doctors in the method of tissue therapy with the drug ADS.
There was no response from the minister.

Then the power was changed, NS came. Khrushchev, and the persecution of the great scientist began.

Dorogova A.V. hunted before a heart attack in 1954, and when he left the hospital, it turned out that he was fired and his laboratory was taken away.

3 years, until death, fought AV Dorogov, wrote letters asking him to reinstate him at work and return the laboratory and financing the production of medicines.

It ended with A.V. Dorogov was killed on October 8, 1957 in the prime of his creative power at the 48th year of his life (Date of birth of AV Dorogov, 1909). He was found murdered near his home. Investigation of the murder was not, despite the insistent demands of his wife, Deryabina Zoya Ivanovna.

Alexey Vlasovich Dorogov and his wife Zoya DeryabinaAlexey Vlasovich Dorogov and his wife Zoya Deryabina

By a special government order of April 14, 1959, all information on the SDA was classified.

PhD, pharmacologist, Zoya Deryabina was dismissed after her husband, then restored, one raised their three children, the younger daughter Olya was at the time of A.V. Dorogova only 3 years.

A.V.Roads with youngest daughter Olya

Salvation of the drug ASD.

Olga Alekseevna Dorogova

The youngest daughter, Olga Alekseevna Dorogova, made the business of saving the drug AST for treating people the work of her life. Together with her mother, Zoya Ivanovna, she did not allow her father to invent his invention. Zoya Ivanovna Deryabina, as well as her daughter, have the honor of saving the drug ASD from oblivion.

Olga Alekseevna Dorogova, Ph.D., homeopath, immunologist is now carefully guiding the release of the drug SDA, to keep people healthy. He ensures that the production does not violate the technology, that the preparation of the SDA is not worse than it was created by Dorogov A.V.

The drug SDA exists quietly. Sold in veterinary pharmacies. No one encourages the treatment of ASD, but does not prohibit.
Many doctors have not heard anything about it.

Although official medicine is silent about ASD, you can buy it at a veterinary pharmacy for mere pennies (about 200 rubles per bottle), thanks to the selfless activity of O.A. Dorogovoy.

Manufacturing technology of the drug ASD.

The drug ASD was first prepared from the tissues of frogs, then they found a replacement - the freshly rolled animal bones. Manufacturing technology of the drug ASD - high-temperature sublimation. During high-temperature sublimation liquid biogenic stimulants are released, which determine the healing properties of the ASD. Stimulants easily penetrate into the cells and restore immunity, at the same time help in the work of the endocrine, central and vegetative nervous systems, normalize acidity and remove the intoxication of the body.
Good immunity is the basis of recovery from any disease.

What fractions of the SDA are currently available.

Currently, veterinary pharmacies can buy fractions of ASD F-2 and F-3.
ASD F-2 is a cognac-colored liquid with a specific odor (very unpleasant), it is used both inwards and outwardly

ASD F-3 "A" and "B" - an oily liquid (black residue of the distillation of a dark oil color) with a different specific smell is used only externally.

ASD is available in fractions 2 and 3

Who produces ASD.

In Russia, only recently the Armavir Biofactory produced the drug ASD. However, due to the fact that the quality of the drug ASD has been steadily falling from year to year, the task was to revive the quality of the drug, which was under AV Dorogove.

Professionals in high-temperature pyrolysis together with practitioners in medicine and veterinary medicine, with biochemists and engineers worked for 7 years at Areal Medical LLC and revived the former quality of the drug ASD and created a new production. Special thanks to the enthusiasts: the wife of Dorogov, Zoya Ivanovna Deryabina, the daughter of Dorogov Olga Alekseevna Dorogova, Grigori Vasilyevich Kiryutkin.

In the production of the drug ASD 000, Areal Medical uses only high-quality raw materials of animal origin. corresponding to GOST. At the same time additional cleaning frees the drug from harmful components.


1. Due to his talent, A ... B. Roads created the elixir of life, equal treatment in our time there is nothing.
2. The drug ASD is sold in veterinary pharmacies, ask. The most reliable manufacturer of the drug ASD - 000 "Areal Medical"
3. It is especially important to use the drug ASD for the treatment of cancer, as official medicine is powerless in this.
4. In the next publication I will talk about the method and dosage of the drug used for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

To be continued.

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With respect and love, Author: Alina Taranets