Can a cat after kittens. Why does the cat meow even after mating? Poor sterilization: consequences

  1. Your cat never ceases to meow because he is concerned
  2. When is mating relevant?
  3. Your cat meows because he wants to mate
  4. Your cat may meow because it suffers from sensory loss.
  5. How many matings does a cat have at a time?
  6. He suffers from a central nervous system disease and meows excessively
  7. How does a cat behave after mating?
  8. Why does the cat meow even after mating?
  9. How to calm the cat, which asks the cat on video
  10. Can a pregnant cat ask for a cat?
  11. Treacherous progesterone
  12. Superfetation and pregnancy

Every owner of an animal, namely, a cat, when buying it, should immediately consider whether to breed it or sterilize it. Most often knit pedigreed cats, titled, with excellent genetics. But this is not categorical, if the owner wants to breed a purebred animal, this is his choice, the main thing is the further demand for kittens. If your beloved cat has a health problem, the Red Cat zoo pharmacy will help you. Ordering the right products for pets on the Internet - zoo pharma is easy and simple. Your order will bring you directly to your home. It is good that in our time there is such a big choice of medicines for people and animals, not that two centuries ago, who came into contact with the history of Russia, understands what I am talking about.

Your cat never ceases to meow because he is concerned

All these factors can push him to meow. A nervous or anxious cat tends to meow. Any change in his environment, one or the loss of a loved one can cause him torment. Once you have determined the cause of your discomfort, you can get him used to the changes he is experiencing. Give it more attention and calm down during the adjustment period.

Older cats, like humans, may suffer from neurological problems, including Alzheimer's disease. Exhibited in the form of loss of orientation, they plaintively follow for any reason, especially at night. Leave night light if your cat loses all night.

When is mating relevant?

The case for cats is relevant already from 6 to 7 months, not even fully developed females like kittens can ask for a cat, but it is not yet considered mature for this. It begins to develop in the 10th month of life, but it should be reduced to only 1.5 years. The most the best option Which is used in most cases, this cat is brought home to the cat.

Your cat meows because he wants to mate

Females in hot meow are excessive, and males do the same when they feel the presence of a woman in heat. This is a racket that is difficult to carry. Follow the advice of Bob Barker, who recommends that you sterilize your cat. Just as a child learns to cry about something, a cat meows to get what it wants. If your cat meows to make you play with him or for, do not react. Answer his requests simply when he is silent. If he starts to meow, move away from him.

Your cat may meow because it suffers from sensory loss.

Do not be completely insensitive to your cat - devote to it every day the good moments of attention, so that he knows that you love him. Remember to rent them if your cat is home alone most of the day. Does your cat start to meow as soon as you enter after a long working day? Of course, you are tired and want to rest, but interpret this meow as a recognition of affection. Isn't it nice to know that your cat loves you?

How many matings does a cat have at a time?

In one day, several matings from 10 to 15 can occur, it all depends on how temperamental the male is and how partners match each other. Even after a quality mating, for several days the cat screams after mating, but this does not mean that she has not become pregnant. It was just that the cat considered that he had completely coped with his duties, because the cat had ceased to stand out, the smell attracting his attention.

He suffers from a central nervous system disease and meows excessively

Older cats may suffer from brain tumors. In addition, meningioma is especially common and can eventually cause neurological and behavioral changes, as well as cause excessive meowing. The biggest gift you can give your cat is castration. These conventional medical procedures not only help to cope with over-growing cats, but can also prevent health problems and allow your cats to lead a longer, healthier and happier life.

How does a cat behave after mating?

After mating, the cat will look very tired, you should take it home and not be disturbed, you should not try active games or just bother it. Sometimes, after mating in both partners, one can observe both bites and scratches, it is necessary to inspect the cat and, if there are any, it is well disinfected.

What is castration and sterilization? Sterilization or oviochysterectomy is the surgical removal of the cat's ovaries and uterus, while castration is the removal of the cat's testicle. Although these operations are performed with less frequent complications, only these licensed veterinarians can perform these procedures. After surgery, your veterinarian will inform you about how to care for your cat during recovery. Within a few days, your cat will fit in “normal” again, the blow after surgery usually heals within two weeks, when a veterinarian calls you or arranges a meeting to check and pull out the stitches.

Why does the cat meow even after mating?

Usually for about three days the cat screams after mating, this is quite normal. Since the body has not yet realized that everything happened, and the cat walks after mating. Soon estrus ceases, and she calms down, ceases to call a partner and becomes the same. After two weeks you can go to the veterinary clinic and make sure that there was a successful conception. There are such cases that even having become pregnant, the cat does not stop estrus. Such a cat can ask for a cat and mate with it, so embryos can be like different ages , and from different fathers, which should not be tolerated. This is fraught with many problems.

At the age of seven, an uninfected cat and an unsterilized cat can produce up to 250 kittens. These kittens usually do not have permanent home and end either in shelters or on the street. By choosing cats, you can do a good deed to prevent these tragedies.

It can also prevent or minimize behavior problems. In cats, 90% reduces territoriality in the form of smelly urine with other cats, a long and miserable cry. In cats, behavior change is not as noticeable as in cats, but they do not repeat Rh, which is very tiring for a cat, it is under stress - the cat calls a loud “crying” in a spasm - ready for the cover. Cats can hug, and males can cover up to 1 year. Cats have a different cycle than humans or dogs, and are adapted to the trick.

This is dangerous primarily for cats, as well as for kittens. Therefore, you should completely protect the cat from communicating with cats. If mating was successful, then you should take care and prepare for the upcoming delivery. Need to prepare separate place in which the cat will be warm and cozy, she will be able to give birth to and feed the poor progeny there. The box or its similarity is perfect, very spacious, because in 60-70 days after a successful mating a cat will live with its babies.

If this is not the case, the cat's body does not cope with repetitive hormonal fluctuations, and over time it is often pyometry, cysts and cancer. This should not happen until the cat becomes younger and your body is weakened, but perhaps even in those years when the required operations are a serious risk to the whole body. Castration is a preventive action, not only because of reproduction, but only because of the health effects that it can have, and the closed pyometra is a scarecrow of many breeders.

Cats have a different cycle than humans or dogs, and they are adapted for tricks. If this is not the case, the cat's body does not cope with repeated hormonal fluctuations, and over time they will appear, pyometra, cysts and cancer are common. This should not happen until the cat becomes younger, and the body is recommended to weaken, but perhaps even in those years when even demanding operations pose a greater risk to the whole body. Cassation is a preventive procedure not only for breeding, but also because of the health effects that it may have, and the pyrometer is a scarecrow of many breeders.

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How to calm the cat, which asks the cat on video

Will my cat change? The only changes pending for cats and cats are listed in the previous paragraph. Other changes are very unlikely and are mainly related to something other than castration. Some cats may seem "lazy" because they no longer need to roam and chase their colleagues. One study found that 25% of cat owners found that their cats became more “obedient”. However, hunting skills, playfulness, the level of classic activity, the excitement of new things and speech usually do not change after the procedure.

Can a pregnant cat ask for a cat?

Only after the first mating the cat's brain begins to produce a hormone responsible for ovulation.

The level of this hormone must reach the proper concentration necessary for the maturation of the egg. This can happen on the 3rd day of mating.

The process of ovulation in a cat begins only after mating, and sperm fertilize a mature egg after two and a half days. And only after conception, the ovaries begin to produce progesterone. This hormone is responsible for the pregnancy in mammals. It stops estrus, respectively, and the desire for mating, strengthens the uterus and helps the fertilized egg to settle down in it.

Some vets say a year later, others after the first, another 7 months. Now, the last morning castration is 3 months. Many studies have already shown that the fear that cats are so overwhelmed by such a large intervention in age is completely unnecessary. It depends on you, how you choose your vet, with what kind. To learn more about early castration, click here.

Public views on this issue are different. Paradoxically, people who know very little about cats or know nothing about castration. Therefore, we will try to overcome the myths associated with castration. Castration contrary to the nature of the cat. It is not true that a neutered cat will experience much better life than a cat that constantly gives birth to kittens or is constantly looking for and finds a partner for mating. Such cats are physically or physically ill. Unvented men tend to wander and fight about territory, such a cat owner often comes.

Therefore, immediately after the mating, which seems to have passed successfully, the cat does not realize that she is pregnant, since progesterone has not yet been developed, and.

With the onset of hormone production, the cat calms down.

Treacherous progesterone

Treacherous progesterone

Recognize pregnancy on the "good" period can be on the stomach. But how do you know if a cat is pregnant if she wants a cat?

Every cat should have at least one kitten. This is not true, the cat does not want kittens, as a woman craves a child. A cat leads to the reproduction of only instincts whose purpose is to preserve the genus, even if the population of cats is already sufficient. A cat that has never had kittens will live just as well as any other.

A castrated cat is weaker when the territory is protected. This is not true, even a castrated cat can not cope with the landing. Castration is dangerous for the cat. Whether the procedure is risky can only be assessed by a veterinarian who examines a cat. In general, the procedure is easier for cats, because it does not need to open the abdominal cavity, like a cat. It is always important to choose an experienced veterinarian, then the risk of surgery is minimal.

Most veterinarians are categorical: a pregnant cat can not pull to the cat. If she shows signs of desire, it means that she is not pregnant. Or this, which may occur as a result.

From the mating process itself, a hormone is produced that is responsible for the maturation of the egg, which, in turn, stimulates the production of progesterone, which is responsible for the pregnancy. Then it will start after progesterone levels fall, in 5-7 weeks.

Cats that are not intended for breeding are definitely better spoiled due to the above reasons, in part because finding new homes for kittens is not as easy as it may seem. Everyone who behaves with a cat, surely met him. You probably have a neutered kitten or cat, and the vet explained to you what it is.

But do we really know the answers to all our questions? The release of the nursery is important part basic care. Castration in young age helps prevent breast cancer, especially unintentional kittens, noisy cat food, including problems with branding at home. The following list shows the most common castration questions collected by veterinarians and attempts to answer them. It is known that, although castration is already a common and generally accepted procedure, many breeders are still not aware of some facts.

Why then, with such an unequivocal answer from veterinarians, the question of the desire of a pregnant cat to have a cat increasingly arises from the owners favorite? Again progesterone is to blame.

At a reduced level of the hormone, i.e. pathological. And she starts asking for cats. The fact is that the cat's body is not aware of the pregnancy, and the kitty begins to demand the completion of the work begun.

Therefore, we hope that our article will contribute to the expansion of horizons. Castration in cats is usually done in two ways. The so-called Ovaritomy is an operation in which only the ovaries are removed. In the case of male cats, none of the methods have particular advantages or disadvantages.

If any abnormal changes are found in the uterus during the procedure, it is recommended to remove them. There is an alternative castration solution, and this is sterilization. It consists in bulging ovaries. However, sterilization does not affect the level of hormones, but the cat will still have a rhythm, even if it cannot collapse. Sterilization also does not affect cancer protection. At the same time, it is possible to absorb the suspending material and thereby restore the fecundity of the cat.

Superfetation and pregnancy

If the cat is allowed to go to the cat, it will be repeated, without damage to the embryos that already exist. This phenomenon is called superfetation.

This phenomenon is called superfetation

How many matings does a cat have at a time?
Why does the cat meow even after mating?
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How many matings does a cat have at a time?
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